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Vera The Best Of The Girls Direct To You

I'm All You Need In A Woman

Hey there. I’m Vera and I just might be the girl you’re looking for as your escort in Vegas. If you are reading this, that must mean that you like brunettes. Sure, I have dark hair, but I’m more than just a hair color. I am the full package. When you call me to be your Las Vegas escort, you get a girl who puts your pleasure first and I’m not satisfied until you feel that you got the best Vegas escort that your hard earned money could buy. You work hard for the money that you pay me and I make it my mission as a Vegas escort to make you feel like it was money well spent. I’m not only good at my job as a Vegas escort; I’m good at making men happy.

I Will Make You Very Happy

Being a Las Vegas escort is so much more than just a job for me. I get to be with men like you and I make sure to put a smile on their face because that smile is what makes me happy. Knowing that you chose me as your escort in Vegas is an honor and I will do everything in my power to show you that you made the right choice. When you search for just the right Vegas escort, I hope I’m the one that has everything that you want and need. You want raven hair, soft golden skin, large and perky boobs, a tight round ass and a body that is in shape. What you need is a girl who shows you the attention you need as a man. I go above and beyond to convince you that you chose the best Las Vegas escort in the business. I know how to take care of my body and I can bend it into just the right position that makes you get that gleam in your eye.

When you order a Vegas escort, there are certain standards that an escort should live up to. Vegas is crawling with beautiful women and men want a Vegas escort that stands out from the rest and has qualities that convince them that they found the right girl that is just as beautiful as the rest. I take that one step further and give you a night of sexy fun that is so mind blowing that you will forget about every woman in Vegas. From that moment on, when you think Vegas escorts, you will think of me.

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